Procurement workflow solution drives business transformation


A financial services company with over 600 employees encouraged workers to customize financial and insurance solutions to meet the needs of their clients. With an eye for digital workflow automation, the IT department set forth to build a procurement workflow solution.


The IT team first attempted to build a workflow automation solution but experienced issues with monitoring workflows. If a workflow paused or suspended operations, no one received any notification. Monitoring became impossible, and employees grew dubious when their process stopped.

They needed a new solution that automated estimates, documents, and delivery of procured assets to their customers.

The company had already invested a lot of time and money into developing this process, but couldn’t find a way to fix it. Employees regularly voiced their frustrations and threatened to go back to their previous manual processes.


After teaming up with a Nintex partner, the IT team realized they didn’t need to start from scratch. Instead, they found that switching to a SharePoint on-premises deployment of Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow worked in the following ways:

  • Nintex workflows monitored the Workflow History field on every SharePoint site involved in the process
  • The Nintex workflows sent a notification for stalled items and provided a way for administrators to restart the process
  • A monitoring dashboard provided clear visibility into active and stalled processes


The solution forged strong trust from management, IT, and business users while:

  • Saving over 40 hours per week in overhead versus countless more hours of manual work
  • Salvaging an existing solution, which would have resulted in over $100,000 in lost project finances

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