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How to Encourage Slow Workflow Adopters in Your Workforce

September 19, 2017, Author: Ian Leonard

There is a feeling we are all familiar with; one that doesn’t seem universal at first, but is certainly undeniable. It’s the feeling of uncertainty when replacing an old method with a new one. If you’ve played sports, this feeling may arise when a new coach restructures your practice. For […]

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How Workflows Are Affected by Employee Vacation

September 18, 2017, Author: Vadim Tabakman

 The world of work is a collaborative hub of interlocking cogs. But what happens when one of those cogs jets off to the Caribbean on annual leave? In this post, we look at how employee vacation can hamper productivity by breaking down business processes and suggest that the key to […]

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Lessons Learned From Nintex Vice President of Information Technology Justin Donato

September 15, 2017, Author: An Nguyen

Downtown Bellevue basks in the orange sunset and almost everyone has left the office for the day. Everyone except Justin Donato, Nintex’s vice president of Information Technology. “Good morning,” he greets his Melbourne team, whose day just started. Justin adjusts the volume on his triple-screened computer and begins the conference call. […]

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What is the Future of Workflow Automation?

September 13, 2017, Author: Zoe Clelland

Technological innovation is rapidly shaping the way we live and work. Workflow automation is one such innovation, now at the heart of how many operate. Although the concept of workflow has been around for a long time, it started to tap into its automation capabilities in the 1980s. Workflow automation […]