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Meet the Award-Winning Team Behind Nintex’s Responsive Forms Designer for Office 365

January 23, 2018, Author: Karina Mounivong

The release of Nintex Responsive Forms Designer in September 2017 was a highly anticipated (and celebrated!) product release. And the team behind the work, the “Thunderbirds,” was recently recognized – being named a Nintex Impact Award Team Winner. Members of the team are based in our Melbourne office and include […]

Best Practices, Process Automation

Don’t Ignore That Broken Process Within Your Organization

January 17, 2018, Author: Kristin Treat

A broken process can cause lengthy delays in getting assignments, from easy to sophisticated, done. But when that broken process is repeated countless times across your organization, over many years, your organization’s productivity can take a major hit. Every time it takes 20 minutes to get a password reset, every time […]

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Why You Should Automate the Sales Process

January 15, 2018, Author: Galen Rodgers

The sales funnel is a framework that helps sales and marketing teams turn potential customers into leads and eventually into paying customers and clients. But modern buying trends have re-shaped the sales funnel. 67% of the buyer journey is now done digitally, for starters, while B2B buyers are typically 57% […]

Process Automation, Workflow and Content Automation

3 Limitations To Your SharePoint Workflow That Are Holding You Back

January 11, 2018, Author: Alex Burton

As you are no doubt aware, if you use SharePoint workflows, workflow automation can greatly enhance your business processes, both internally and externally with customers and clients. But while a SharePoint workflow is useful and can help you improve your business functions, it is only useful to a point. It’s […]