Safety incident reporting system aids compliance


A major airline relied on a slow, inefficient, paper-based incident reporting system that jeopardized the integrity of the information. 


Cabin crew documented passenger incidents on paper while in the air, then entered them into an electronic system upon landing. Pilots had a similar process: they completed a written flight summary upon landing and later entered it into the system. Complicated forms and late information transfers made mistakes more likely and harmed data integrity.

The airline's operations team needed to provide a paperless system that was easy to use, mobile-enabled, and compliant with all required safety standards.


The operations team turned to a Nintex partner for the development of an automated safety incident management workflow. To enable the system for both desktop and mobile devices, they chose Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms, and Nintex Mobile:

  • The cabin crew enters incident information directly into a tablet right away, while information is still fresh in their minds.
  • Nintex Forms guides users through a transparent, efficient data entry process. It adjusts to context, only showing fields relevant to the particular situation.
  • When Wi-Fi is available, their tablet automatically syncs with SharePoint.
  • Compliance is easier, reports are more accurate, and cabin crew can spend more time on their jobs and less on data entry and re-entry.


For an airline that carries millions of people across the globe, the ability to easily and quickly complete safety incident forms was mission-critical. So after the replacement of their outdated paper-based process, the airline was pleased with the improved accuracy and significant time reduction. Streamlined workflows produced the following results:

  • The superior user experience made it easier for cabin crew to enter data correctly in a single session
  • Reduced errors and improved data quality
  • Safety forms took only 30 minutes to complete
  • Nintex Forms streamlined data entry and improved accuracy and compliance
  • Better data decreased the number of future safety incidents
  • When the operations team leveraged more accurate and timely information, they kept future flights safer for both crew and passengers

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