Media company turns to workflow automation for enhanced risk mitigation


As with any company in the communications industry, a radio broadcasting franchise had to comply with regulations in several areas, including employee hiring and disclosure. The franchise’s paper-based process resulted in multiple copies of lengthy forms, long approval times, missing documents, and a complex process that cut into the company’s productivity and resources.


The company used an ERP system for human resources and employee records management, and also had an existing SharePoint system that was due for an upgrade. With a few hundred highly-customized SharePoint workflows to support human resources and ERP processes, the IT department was concerned that the migration would prove unsuccessful. However, the company realized the existing outdated workflows were the bottleneck.

Company management sought a solution that could streamline and centralize the workflows for easier maintenance. Additionally, they required an equally easy integration with their existing ERP system without compromising the privacy and integrity of employee records.


A Nintex partner was up for the challenge. First, they streamlined the company’s existing workflows from several hundred to under 20. They knew from experience that Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms eliminated the need for custom code, providing a flexible solution that required little maintenance.

  • Create forms with an intuitive interface
  • A workflow pulls in information from the existing ERP system, such as division, location, and manager, making it easy to fill out the form and route it to the appropriate approvers
  • When a form finishes the approval process, the solution records relevant information like data, time, and type of compliance back to the ERP system
  • Reduce the need for manual data entry
  • Give management one sole reporting platform that contains all the information they need to ensure that employees meet compliance standards


Management now easily monitors employees for regulatory and internal compliance. They also were able to:

  • Catch compliance issues early on, mitigating possible compliance lawsuits
  • Use dashboards that provided a level of responsibility and self-service for individual employees, which helped them stay within compliance
  • Save significant amounts of time with online forms

Ultimately, the success of this solution opened the door to explore workflow automation for other use cases, like IT asset management and risk management, across the company.

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