Digital workflows for project management save company $2 million per project


A large energy company transports and distributes crude oil, natural gas and other liquid materials. Like all other companies in their industry, they engage in multiple, complex projects to meet acquisition, distribution and compliance needs. They realized management had little insight across all projects, which hampered decision making. They needed a way to track all projects and provide a central repository for relevant documents.


As a complex organization with numerous large-scale infrastructure projects, the company struggled to maintain a centralized source of project records and deliverables. Planning and decision-making were a nightmare for management teams. Accurate reporting was nearly impossible, which made it difficult for the company to prove its compliance with various regulations and policies.


The company worked with a certified Nintex Solution Partner to integrate Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms with SharePoint. The result was a user-friendly dashboard that allows project staff and stakeholders to share information in real time, making it possible to manage project lifecycles across multiple teams.

Management now enjoys quick and easy access to both a visual overview of project status as well as a drill down of individual deliverables, providing a 360-degree perspective of where problems might occur.

A single, secure document library houses all deliverables and records, providing anywhere access, approval history and version control. An automated records management process helps with regulatory approval and establishes an audit trail.


The management team went from making decisions blindly to quickly seeing where a project might face delays or cost overruns, and how that might affect other projects in the works. They can also see where projects might overlap and get the right teams communicating with each other before problems emerge.

By using Nintex, the company immediately realized the following benefits and return on investment:

  • A savings of about $2M per major project, because management now has the transparency and visibility into projects needed to make real-time, highly-informed strategic decisions
  • A more efficient project closure process, because all necessary information is included in a single portal
  • Project document retrieval times reduced from days to seconds

Project records have a significantly higher degree of accuracy, reducing the risk of regulatory violations.

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