Mobile workflow increases sales pipeline and attracts new talent


To remain competitive in their industry, a technology procurement brokerage company needed to upgrade their paper-based workflow for capturing sales leads. The company knew they needed to modernize their system and support the many computers, platforms and mobile devices used by their brokers.


The company's dispersed network of independent brokers were using printed forms and simple note taking to support their sales activities in the field. To pass sales information to the company, sales reps had to re-enter notes and forms into an online system. Sales reps didn’t always have the time. That meant lost opportunity data and an inaccurate pipeline.


A Nintex Solution Partner combined Nintex Forms, Nintex Workflow and Nintex Mobile products to create a solution that would support brokers in every location, on any device.

  1. Nintex Workflow moved the formerly haphazard and paper-dependent process online
  2. Nintex Forms allowed the partner to restructure questions into checkboxes and radio buttons, making data entry easy even on mobile phones
  3. Nintex Mobile ensured that no matter what device a broker used, they could capture and sync their sales contacts

Sales reps can now bring their Windows, Apple or Android devices to their client meetings and digitally capture information in real time. That data seamlessly uploads to the company’s customer relations management (CRM) system.


This new application reduces free-form data entry, improving accuracy and streamlining the sales process. The company avoided months of custom development at considerable expense. They also gained:

  • An immediate 107% increase in survey usage
  • A wealth of new customer data for marketing use
  • Repurposed hours from not self-supporting different mobile devices

The expanded toolset is also a great recruiting tool. Prospective independent sales reps love it. They get a competitive advantage that not only increases sales, but also the size of their sales force.

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