Workflow automation optimizes resource allocation, reduces costs


The operations team of a large automotive manufacturer wanted a better, more efficient way to manage complex projects and resource allocation across multiple departments and locations. Employees relied heavily on a manual, paper-based tracking system for overseeing projects, stuck in an endless cycle of chasing, organizing and storing files and forms.


Departments worked well together, but lacked the ability to track resource utilization, task status and schedules in a central location. Critical information was housed in paper binders scattered throughout the organization. Project managers spent more time tracking down information and putting together reports, instead of analyzing trends and patterns to inform and develop future business strategy.


With the help of a Nintex Solution Partner, the company integrated workflow automation into their existing SharePoint software for an intuitive solution that moved paper forms online, stored all information in one place and replaced bottlenecks with results.

Teams leveraged Nintex Workflow for SharePoint and Nintex Forms for SharePoint to:

  • Track all projects across the organization from a central dashboard
  • Catalog the training and skills of project team members
  • Automate tasks to provide increased conformity and efficiency
  • Give management a bird's-eye view of resource allocation
  • Easily generate accurate, real-time reporting


Replacing an outdated paper-based process with digital workflow automation streamlined project and expense management across the organization, ensuring important tasks don’t slip through the cracks or experience costly overruns.

Instead of scurrying after paper-based reports or updates, the company now easily scales large projects using a consistent project methodology resulting in:

  • Reduced costs from better managed resource allocation
  • Dramatic decrease in hours spent generating reports, freeing up time for more important tasks
  • Increased visibility for company-wide projects, schedules, tasks and resources
  • Targeted training and employee skill development that adapts to changing project needs
  • Reduced development time and maintenance costs from integrating Nintex products instead of deploying a custom app

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