Automated accounts payable workflow reduces invoice processing time from days to hours


A large professional association used a laborious manual process for their accounts payable. Line of Business (LOB) systems weren’t integrated. Transfer of information between teams required manual data entry and scanning. Reams of paper forms were unwieldy and unmanageable.



Accounts payable personnel had to manually scan inbound invoices, create records in their own software platform, then tag the scanned documents in shared folders for each account. There was no direct link from the LOB system record back to the invoice, so changes would often get lost in the shuffle. The association needed to automate accounts payable and integrate it with their invoicing platform.


A Nintex Solution Partner deployed Nintex Workflow for SharePoint and connected accounts payable with company LOB systems. This way, LOB employees could continue their regular process on their own platform. Invoice forms sync automatically on SharePoint when a change is made to the LOB system.

As an added benefit, Nintex Workflow integration enabled SharePoint to surface relevant content to users based on audience or interest. It provided support for storing and managing image content, as well as scanning functionality that the can be scaled to match business needs.


The direct link between the accounts payable record and invoice document ensures accounts payable personnel are working with the latest, most accurate information. Customers are no longer run around in circles when there’s a change to their invoice.

Nintex Workflow's seamless integration between SharePoint and LOB systems delivered:

  • Faster invoice processing time, from days – or even weeks – to hours
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to a less complex invoice dispute process
  • Reduced development time and costs by integrating AP and invoicing platforms

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