HR department saves $10,000 per month with workflow automation


The Human Resources (HR) Department of a government transportation agency struggled to organize leave requests and expense reimbursements. Crushed under the workload of their paper-based system, the department turned to workflow automation for ease and speed. And, like many government organizations, they had to implement a solution on a shrinking budget.


Employees dreaded submitting leave and expense reimbursement requests. If they even found the correct version of the forms and submitted them to the right person, they held little faith their request would make it through the mysterious approvals process. It could take weeks and several long email threads to complete the process.

A previous attempt to digitize and automate the process was an expensive failure. With the old system, HR reached an impasse where they couldn't provide decent customer service and lacked both transparency and a clear audit trail into their processes.


At first, the staff abandoned the solution to digitize and automate. However, the HR team eventually decided to give digital workflow automation another chance. A Nintex Partner recommended Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow for SharePoint for simplicity and trust.

With these new systems, they were able to do the following:

  • Create an intuitive dashboard with Nintex Forms on top of their existing SharePoint platform as a reliable starting point for employee leave and expense requests
  • Simplify the search for the right forms
  • Allow employees to recall and update submitted forms with ease
  • Take advantage of the department's Active Directory infrastructure to pre-populate forms with employees' personal information
  • Integrate with existing systems, such as the department's third-party, financial services ERP platform
  • Sync Nintex Forms with the ERP system data and offer a current list of cost centers
  • Use Active Directory information, along with organizational and regulatory data from other systems, to determine required approvers and then route requests as appropriate


After being continuously frustrated with trying to organize leave requests and expense reimbursements, the HR department loved the removal of paper-based bottlenecks because it eliminated:

  • Forms
  • Manual distribution
  • Signing
  • Exasperated email threads

The new solution freed up their time to focus on new initiatives instead of chasing paper, and the transportation department reported an immediate cost savings of $10,000 per month.

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