Digital workflows for employee onboarding aids compliance and reduces costs


Like many in the healthcare industry, one international service provider discovered they had outgrown their old system. Supported by a paper-driven process, documentation often got lost, resulting in bottlenecks and wasted time.


Workers in human resources and finance struggled through manual processes. Lost documents and delays put the company at risk of non-compliance with multiple regulations.

The company’s new system needed to support their key processes:

  • Onboarding
  • Document review


certified Nintex Partner used Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow, plus an on-premises SharePoint deployment, to create a radically more efficient solution. After analyzing business processes across the company, they created over 40 workflows to boost efficiency and transparency.

Automated employee onboarding workflows replace paper documents with digital ones. Electronic forms are routed appropriately and safely stored online, reducing the downtime created by the legacy system. New hires are quickly brought up to speed on company standards and processes.

Electronic document review workflows control access to sensitive documents, ensuring only those who have the correct permissions can view them. The company can easily track and manage who can view or access any document in their SharePoint database.


Automated processes revolutionized the way the organization functioned, allowing employees to get back to the core business of providing patient care. Replacing paper with electronic forms enabled the company to:

  • Reduce bottlenecks with a scalable and easily adoptable solution used across all company locations
  • Eliminate hours spent tracking down necessary forms and approvals
  • Save on development time, money and maintenance
  • Mitigate the risk of misplacing documents
  • Comply with international service regulations
  • Gain valuable insight into critical internal processes, vastly improving business strategy
  • Reduced employee training and IT support calls with Nintex's user-friendly, self-service platform

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