Document approval workflow increases efficiency and reduces errors


A biotech company specializing in targeted therapeutics grew increasingly frustrated with its document review and approval process. To add reviewers, they had to stop and restart the review in progress or manually collect and collate new edits. Teams missed critical edits and additions. The process generated a high number of complaints about usability and errors.


The biotech company required timely and accurate review processes to meet the fast-paced and heavily-regulated nature of the industry. Their new review and approval workflow had to accomplish the following:

  • Dynamically add users to reviews already in progress
  • Specify both dates and times for completed reviews
  • Change due dates and times for reviews in progress
  • Schedule multiple reminders for a single task during long-running reviews
  • Separate large reviews into multiple, smaller review cycles
  • Send email notifications for task assignments, delegations, tasks no longer required, and changes to due dates and times
  • Provide reporting to track approvals, rejections, and timeliness of reviews


A premier Nintex partner used Nintex to build SharePoint workflows that gave teams greater control over the process:

  • A primary workflow bound to the document library that acts as a controller workflow. This is a state machine workflow, ideal for managing long-running business processes and offering a reliable mechanism for restarting a workflow if it’s been interrupted.
  • A secondary workflow bound to the document library creates review tasks for users. The primary workflow calls this workflow to create the initial review tasks, and users call it when they want to dynamically add participants to the review.
  • A workflow bound to the task list to reassign tasks.
  • A site workflow to clean up the task list.


The new SharePoint workflows met the needs of the company’s fast-moving business environment in the following ways:

  • Managers no longer had to stop and restart reviews when they added a reviewer
  • Reviewers no longer had to review and approve a task a second or third time
  • Reviewers could change due dates and times while a review was in progress, with improved tracking of timeliness from the new time field
  • Time and money was saved thanks to a more efficient process
  • The solution provided a higher accuracy of reviews and feedback
  • Management no longer received complaints from frustrated users, and saw an improvement in usage, accuracy, and overall satisfaction with the process

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