Customer relationship management solution provides better patient outcomes


Change is constant in the healthcare industry. New national regulations and global health initiatives constantly transform compliance and business processes. Stakeholders from all sides expect healthcare institutions to deliver significant improvements in patient care. To meet new standards and expectations, healthcare companies must review and refine their business metrics.

Realizing that you can’t measure what you don’t know, one government health care agency sought a solution to help measure and improve key performance indicators for the full patient care lifecycle process from patient referral to discharge.


IT teams grappled with disparate sources of data that made for time-consuming report generation. Overburdened and underserved on the technology front, the team struggled to provide fresh insights and trends.

The right solution would aggregate data from multiple back-end systems, analyzing data and presenting key performance indicators (KPIs) for the clinician, patient booking process, and referral process. And it would show the data in a crisp, visual layout, highlighting the most significant findings.


The IT team worked with a Nintex partner to build a workflow solution to streamline their discordant systems. The partner pointed to the Nintex platform to empower end-users with the right capabilities, and to do the following:

  • Easily build workflows on top of an existing SharePoint platform
  • Empower end-users without coding skills
  • Unburden IT from developing and maintaining custom code for workflows
  • Make it easy for any business user to build forms from SharePoint lists
  • Allow Nintex Mobile to offer the perfect solution for healthcare workers to submit patient forms while away from their desk
  • Have Nintex workflows automate and deliver referrals to the right administrative staff to book patients per their urgency


The health care agency galvanized patient care through real-time, actionable data through dashboards, and streamlined workflows. Teams used Nintex Workflow and received the following results:

  • Healthcare staff appreciated knowing exactly which tasks they needed to perform
  • Their patients received quicker referrals and appointment bookings, and improved healthcare     

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