Cloud-based workflow automation earns top marks with university work study program


A major university provides a variety of research assistant positions to students who opt for work-study as part of their financial aid package. Professors and students struggled with the paper-based applications and time reporting processes.


Paper-based applications made it extremely challenging and time-consuming for students to apply for more than one job at a time. Professors often missed applications in their mailboxes, accidentally passing up excellent candidates for their research positions. Once professors successfully accepted an application, they had to put it through the administration’s manual approval process, taking valuable time away from working with their students.

On top of that, successful candidates submitted their time on paper forms, and their timesheets had to go through a similar approval process. With the time lag involved in administrative staff entering the data, students and professors didn’t know how many hours students had left in their program.


A Nintex Partner developed an innovative solution with Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow for Office 365. The solution handled the application process, time reporting, and all necessary approval processes:

  • Instead of printing off the required forms and filling them out manually, students visit a highly-intuitive web page to search positions and start the application process online
  • Applying for multiple positions is a snap – the next application prefills the student’s information, which they can modify as needed
  • Professors can review applications in a personalized portal and select from a list of qualified applicants
  • Once professors find the perfect candidate, a Nintex workflow starts the approval process with administrative staff and the financial aid office
  • Students and professors can spend more time discussing their research results and less time worrying about administrative details


Automated workflows created incredible results. The new solution made life easier for students, professors and administrative staff through:

  • Significantly reduced hours of time every week
  • Increased ability of students and faculty to view accurate student work records at any time
  • Decreased time spent worrying about exceeding the maximum hours available in a student's work study program
  • University administration was so pleased with the exceptional results of this solution that they’re finding for more ways to implement workflow automation.

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