Automated approval workflow saves company millions in litigation


High profile construction projects often include huge fines for missed deadlines. One utility company responsible for a major pipeline began to worry about their project – and for good reason. Their manual approval process – and the complete lack of a “paper trail” – threatened to cripple progress and put deadlines out of reach.


The utility company engaged a contractor for construction projects. Internal engineers needed to approve all designs. They were on the right track using SharePoint for document repository, but they still relied on a cumbersome, manual approval process that delayed reviews and approvals. The contractor manually emailed the engineers after uploading a design, and no one really knew which process to follow for each type of design. Without clear ownership or updates around action items, reviews experienced frequent, needless delays. The internal engineers and the contractor grew frustrated. With no clear insights into the process, management grew anxious. Tensions rose, and parties started calling lawyers. Litigation seemed inevitable.


A Nintex partner knew that time was of the essence, and chose Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow to deliver a workflow solution – fast:

  • Turn a flat document repository into a dynamic approval process.
  • Provide daily and weekly reporting.
  • The solution starts with the contractor, who submits a design using Nintex Forms. A Nintex workflow then routes the design to the appropriate reviewers. Once approved, the design goes back to the contractor with all the necessary responses.
  • The construction team submits daily reports onsite from their iPads using Nintex Mobile.


Engineers and construction workers alike now have:

  • A clear view of the project’s progress to intervene when necessary.
  • A complete project management solution.
  • The company and the contractor avoided litigation where it had once seemed inevitable.     

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