City of Karratha standardizes with intelligent process automation

Environment Southland were looking for a system that was simple to use and easy to access and navigate. Another factor was scalability. Nintex Promapp®, they say, ‘ticked all the boxes’, so after talking to another regional council who was using Nintex Promapp, they decided to take the plunge.

Adding the process approval workflow add-on had a huge impact for Environment Southland. It put responsibility back into the managers’ hands, and once the processes were in the system, they could really see the benefit. A governance group, made up of staff from across the organization was formed. As Nintex Promapp champions they meet monthly to report on how each area is doing.

Employees onboarded faster than before


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Compliant local government operations

City of Karratha
Capabilities Used
Process Mapping

Who they are

The City of Karratha is one of the four local government areas in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. It covers an area of 15,882 square kilometres and serves over 20,000 people

What they need

The City of Karratha adjusted when their previously quiet part of the world was booming as families flocked to make the most of the mining resources.

How they did it

The City of Karratha selected Nintex Promapp to achieve process excellence across their organization and support rapid growth.

Pressure on City of Karratha to show increased efficiencies

As demands on the council increased so did its risk, until they ensured only approved, updated processes could be accessed and followed with Nintex Promapp.

The process mapping features of the Nintex platform have helped the City of Karratha standardize processes and make sure staff are following the approved method, rather than bringing in their own ways that don’t suit the operations of our organization.

Nintex Promapp has helped us consolidate those processes and make sure staff are following the approved method, rather than bringing in their own ways that don’t suit the organization.
Henry Eaton, Manager of Governance & Organizational Strategy, City of Karratha
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