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Workflow for human resources

People are at the heart of every business. With the integration of automated workflows into this mission-critical area, empower your employees and help drive optimization and departmental success.

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Improve the employee lifecycle

Support your employees with effective performance review procedures and training coursework. With Nintex Workflow Automation, it’s easy to schedule meetings, share documents, and create complete visibility of human resources policies and expectations.

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Recruit talent more effectively

Find the right people for your organization by posting job descriptions to multiple job boards with no extra manual effort. Onboarding new employees takes hours, not days, with digital forms and processes that route the right information to the right person.

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Streamline administrative work

Paper documents slow down processes. Using Nintex Advanced Workflow, create workflows that complete essential human resources processes, without printing a single page. Capture information digitally and trigger approvals in just a few clicks.

Employee onboarding

Allow new hires to hit the ground running with a seamless onboarding process and the right educational materials. Foster motivation throughout your organization by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and helping employees meet their potential.

Automated onboarding
Microsoft Teams management

Welcome new employees with an automated Microsoft Teams message that is personalized from pre-populated data. Automatically add employees to existing and relevant Teams to start your new employee off on the right foot and enable better collaboration throughout your organization.

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Leave requests

Give HR a break from vacation request admin. Efficiently request, get approval for, and record time off for employees. automatically notify other departments of planned absences and improve visibility to make informed decisions by seeing availability of all team members during a specific period.

Automating leave requests
Give new hires a great first impression

Create tailored new hire workflows that automatically route the right forms, approvals, and equipment to the right people. Help human resources workers provide the best onboarding experience without any code.

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