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Increase the value of your procurement process workflow

Business operations are complex, but your processes don’t have to be. Streamline your procurement operations with automated purchasing for better supplier relationships and improved cost-efficiency.

Take control of procurement

Make your money go further

With total visibility within your ERP system, it’s easy to understand the value of any individual purchase or vendor relationship. Use data from previous sales and automated purchasing to find preferred vendors and make higher value investments.

No more delayed purchase orders

Purchase orders don’t have to rely on manual tasks to be completed. With digital workflows, a request can be completed in days, not weeks. From approval through to fulfillment, automated purchasing takes the stress out of procurement.

Deliver customer satisfaction

With process automation, orders are delivered on time and on budget, eliminating delays or errors caused by human error. Automated customer service processes keep customers happy and workers free to deliver the best experiences.

Optimize Procure-to-Pay

With procurement costs as high as 30% of revenue, leveraging process automation to reduce expense and improve productivity is a must when it comes to the health of your bottom line.

supplier relationship management
Procurement processes

Pull your organization out of a black hole of emails with the Nintex Platform. Simplify purchasing by automating approval processes, generating accurate reports, and decreasing response times.

automated purchasing
Standard operating procedures

Make your standard operating procedures easily available to everyone in your organization. Nintex Forms standardize processes, creating up-to-date and simple workflows that reduce time-to-approval.

automated purchasing
Expedite approvals

Break free from paper-based processes with Nintex Advanced Workflow. Build workflows that streamline and digitize essential business processes and unlock maximum productivity.

automated purchasing
A modernized purchase order process

Build an effective workflow that automatically generates purchase request forms, enables multi-level approvals, and ensures complete compliance.

Image of the purchase order process
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