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Generative AI, process modeling, and more on the Nintex Process Platform

We’re excited to announce numerous enhancements to the Nintex Process Platform which will continue to support our customers and further realize our product strategy: to deliver a complete, connected and convenient platform that helps organizations to quickly and easily define, manage, and automate business processes using AI-based low-code tools.

By utilizing existing capabilities and new AI-based innovation, the Nintex Process Platform:

  • Provides easy-to-use tools for building solutions that orchestrate and manage work across disconnected systems and teams
  • Delivers insights and intelligence to drive continuous process improvement
  • Enables better visibility and governance of processes across all teams

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For a behind-the-scenes look at our product vision, watch the Nintex Process Platform Update webinar.

Regular product investment brings new capabilities that add additional value to our customers throughout the year.

Recently we added process modeling and customized, AI-powered digital forms for more advanced process management and automation. In addition, we’ve further simplified installation and upgrades, authentication, configuration, and usage.

Two capabilities in particular illustrate our new complete, connected, convenient product strategy:

  • Generative AI-based forms builderNow forms designers can automatically generate complex digital forms, in virtually any language, from plain language input. Simply type what you want in your form, and the Nintex AI Form Builder does the rest. That makes it the most convenient yet powerful forms designer on the market today.

    AI-generated forms are an easier and quicker alternative to designing forms from scratch. Form designers can avoid dragging elements one by one onto the form canvas, which can be especially helpful for lengthy forms.

    Additionally, crafting effective forms requires knowledge of how best to request information, what information is needed and in what format, and common field dependencies—not to mention the time-consuming and expensive work that goes into translating forms into the different languages of your users.

    An AI-generated form avoids all that, providing built-in knowledge of how to design the most effective forms, translating them into any language, all at lightning speed. AI-powered form creation frees up the form designer’s time to focus on other higher value tasks, like how to use the collected information to automate a workflow or identify patterns that fuel better business decisions.

    Use the AI Form Builder to build forms for event registration, employment applications, loan applications, IT helpdesk, or any other application where you need users to enter data as part of a business process.

  • Document complex processes with BPMNOur recently released Process Modeling BPMN capability means that technical teams now have the additional flexibility to model even the most complex of processes using compliant BPMN symbols and notations.

    And best yet, it’s all possible without forgoing the needs of the less technical line of business teams that often prefer a more simplified way to map, view, manage, and collaborate on processes.

    Nintex Process Manager now provides one single place for all teams to develop, implement, and improve their processes in the way that best suits their roles.

What do our customers think of Process Modeling?

“Previously we had to use two different systems for our business modeling,” says Nintex customer, Sara Zhou, Business Improvement Manager, Western Sydney University, Australia.

“Now, with Nintex Process Modeling, we have one source of the truth as the BPMN and process management capabilities are all available within Nintex Process Manager.”

Watch the video to hear how Western Sydney University manages compliance and reduces complexity with Nintex

Gary Tibble, Process Manager Promaster and Continuous Improvement Specialist at Christchurch City Council, New Zealand adds: “Nintex Process Modeling will deliver improved functionality to our continuous improvement team and to our digital (IT) business analysts.”

“Using the modeling capability to capture business processes within Nintex Process Manager at the start of a project will inform the development of agreed and correct processes that can be handed over to business teams for staff training and standardised execution of service delivery.”

Read how the council has built a process culture with Nintex

Other new capabilities

Additional capabilities released across the Nintex Process Platform include:

  • Forms plugin SDK to add custom plugins to your forms
  • New Nintex for SharePoint Subscription Edition
  • Automation On-Prem (formerly known as K2): New SPFx app for Microsoft Office 365
  • Document generation DocuSign Launcher App integration in Salesforce Lightning
  • New eSignature signing experience.

How to learn more

To see in-depth demonstrations of recently released product capabilities, watch the Nintex Process Platform Update webinar

To get a live demo of the platform, visit https://www.nintex.com/request-demo/.

For more technical details on these new capabilities read the release notes.

Ryan Bazler

Ryan Bazler leads Nintex product marketing for the automation products within the Nintex Process Platform. Ryan is a B-B enterprise software industry veteran with over 20 years of product marketing and product management experience. He specializes in the intelligent automation space, including IDP, RPA, and process automation, helping companies become more efficient and profitable.

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