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Automate your sales operations process

Nintex automates the creation of compliant documents, eliminating manual processes to shorten the sales cycle and deliver a better customer experience. Foster collaboration with stakeholders and automate signature-based reviews and approvals – all with just a few clicks.

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Manage opportunities

Capture prospect data on any device without the need for spreadsheets. Configure trigger alerts and follow-ups with ease and send auto-generated documents to extend the value of your CRM environment.

eBook: 7 Processes Sales Departments Are Automating

Instant sales proposals

Auto-generate custom-branded sales proposals and expedite reviews, signatures, and approvals. Keep a secure audit trail of any revisions and gain key insights into the effectiveness of your process.

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Simplify contract management

CRM integration uses your existing data to auto-generate contracts, securely store and route them to stakeholders for review, and eliminate approval delays with deeply integrated e-signature tools.

Create contracts in minutes

Help your team improve sales cycle time with DocGen®. Create documents pre-populated with the right data every time and deliver optimal client experiences. Improve efficiency and cut unnecessary administrative tasks from your workflows.

Contract management
Increase customer satisfaction

Onboard customers with tailored digital forms that collect and share the right information in minutes. Remain compliant and eliminate delays while offering a streamlined experience to make the best impression on every single client.

Customer onboarding
Discount approvals

Create approval processes that help your sales team close deals. Generate quotes with consistent, accurate pricing and deliver them to clients in record time. Provide experiences that keep clients coming back to do business with you.

Approval workflows
Efficient end-to-end contract management

Streamline contract processes from start to finish by generating data-driven contracts and routing them quickly and efficiently for review, redlining, approval, and e-signature.

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