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Achieve more with automated financial services

Financial institutions rely on being able to react to a fast-moving market and provide the most attractive products. Automation in financial services can enable faster decisions, more accurate data, and less repetitive tasks than ever before. Deliver efficient, high-quality customer experiences with human-centric automated solutions.

Thrive in an evolving Financial Services market

Act quickly, remain compliant

In a business environment that’s evolving rapidly, organizations must be proactive. Automate and optimize business processes to thrive whilst remaining compliant.

Delight your customers

Technology is more intelligent than ever. Automation in financial services gives customers the lightning-fast, high-quality services they expect, with no extra admin.

Achieve operational excellence

Don’t let operations stagnate – use process-mapping to target and fix business inefficiencies with automation. Understanding and collaborating on processes can eliminate errors and streamline operations to help the organization run efficiently.

Banking and lending

Communication between bank branches is streamlined with paperless digital processes. Intelligent workflows help reduce inaccuracy while improving efficiency. From loan applications to identity verification, automated processes deliver better customer outcomes, faster.

automation in financial services
Wealth management

Providing world-class customer service is easier with the right tools. Automation in financial services helps customer service agents provide tailored advice by eliminating repetitive, inefficient processes. With Nintex, intelligent task management leads to better productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

automation in financial services
Asset management

Financial organizations generate enormous amounts of critical data. Streamlining document management with automation dramatically reduces the length of administrative tasks. Without paper, there’s reduced room for error and increased time for higher value work.

automation in financial services
Financial data processes

Automate mass banking processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry and re-entry. Leverage Nintex RPA to automatically merge and populate data across systems and perform repetitive tasks such as card issuance and re-issuance, interest rate changes, and fee assessment.

automation in financial services
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