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Eliminate inefficiencies with legal automation software

Practicing law requires efficiency and due diligence – Nintex supports legal organizations with the Sarbanes-Oxley compliant solutions they need to provide expertise quickly and provide a world-class client experience.

Modernize your legal department

Create a bulletproof legal framework

Legal processes like contract management and client screening are modernized with automation. Workflow software triggers notifications and archives documents without requiring human controls, keeping employees in the loop and ensuring increased productivity.

Stay compliant with no extra work

Perform everyday business processes more efficiently and maintain compliance with document generation. External regulations are followed every time, helping organizations provide high-quality, error-free documentation faster.

Deliver the best outcomes

Nintex removes delays and errors in the complex processes your organization relies on. Self-service tools allow stakeholders to generate tailored forms and document generation produces compliant documents every time. 

Automated compliance management

Remain compliant with no extra administrative work by automating processes like collecting and maintaining evidence. Create an audit trail with maximum visibility to ensure that your data is accurate and measurable.

legal workflow software
Contract management

Improve client relationships by streamlining your contract lifecycle management process. Automatically generate documents, send for e-signature and approval, and route for storage in record time.

automate electronic signature
Business continuity management

Nintex expedites business continuity planning processes, from initial investigation to reviews, and final approval from legal. All stakeholders are automatically notified to provide input when required and every employee involved is smoothly coordinated, so you can build better plans faster.

legal workflow software
World-class contract management

Create the best client experiences by automating the contract lifecycle management process to produce high-quality, compliant contracts in less time.

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