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Improve customer service workflow

World-class customer service depends on highly responsive call centers capable of responding and resolving customer issues quickly. Automating call center and ticketing processes fuels increased productivity, allowing businesses to streamline operations and ensuring customers’ concerns are resolved in an efficient manner.

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Optimize call center processes

Automation allows your business to forecast call volumes, make service level adjustments, and schedule call center tasks. Create a knowledge base for staff to record, research, and resolve relevant issues.

Capture customer feedback

Survey results from customers, partners, or employees provide organizations with invaluable information. Automating surveys and feedback ensures critical insights are captured digitally and delivered to the right people.

Enhance engagement and communications

Streamline document management, protect confidential data, and reduce paper-based communications. Creating clear, targeted messages help organization increase audience awareness, build trust, and develop customer loyalty.

Guide Agent Interactions

Give your agents the right information, at the right time to provide better service and sales to your customers. Improve both knowledge retention and bottom-line results.

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Simplify data collection

Make field processes more efficient to deliver better, faster service. No matter the scale of your data collection, a Nintex deployment can offer immediate value by eliminating manual recording and processing.

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Welcome new customers

Create self-service tools that create smooth, easy experiences for customers without compromising on support. Use workflow automation to reduce administrative work, speed up task completion, and transform your onboarding process.

automation in customer services
More effective maintenance requests

With a central hub of customer information, it’s easy to effectively book maintenance requests. Leverage automation to reduce the time it takes to schedule repairs and ensure you get every request resolved correctly the first time.

automation in customer services
Deliver the best experience

Build workflows that capture customer information, route tickets, update ticket status, and integrate with knowledge bases to provide faster and more accurate responses.

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