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Customer compliance

Digitize your customer compliance checks

Know Your Customer to avoid risk

Banking and wealth management companies must use “Know Your Customer” (KYC) checks to verify identities and ensure that a new customer is someone with whom they want to do business. Now customer compliance for financial institutions can be streamlined, accelerated, and made more accurate, keeping businesses compliant and customers happy.

Easily eliminate complex, inefficient, time-consuming paperwork and manual processing of client documents.
Saves time and money
Streamline the onboarding process to get rid of repetitive tasks, with all your legacy systems connected.
Consistent and accurate
Capture all the necessary customer information every time so nothing important is missed.
Delays damage customers’ onboarding experiences

KYC checks are important to ensure companies avoid risky associations and potential fines. But if the process takes too long, a new customer’s first experience with the company can be negative and may even drive them away. With Nintex, these compliance checks can be fast and seamless.

From new application to decision and action

Map and automate compliance checks, starting with a customer completing an easy digital form. The process is routed to all relevant stakeholders to play their parts. When a decision is reached, the customer is automatically alerted of the outcome, information is logged in your system, and the account is opened.

Image of customer compliance process
Make KYC checks quick, easy, and compliant

Nintex makes KYC checks simple. Just provide the key customer information using Modern Forms or via your current intake system and upload the appropriate government documentation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) routes the information for review and approval, updates the record, and kicks off your new client’s onboarding process.

An automation solution for every industry

No matter your industry or business role, the Nintex Process Platform gives your team the tools - and time - to get your best work done.

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