Achieve process excellence with the Nintex Platform

No matter your industry or business role, the Nintex Platform gives your team the tools—and time—to get your best work done.

By Department

Stop pushing paper. Start driving value.

See how Nintex can eliminate paperwork and streamline work across all departments.

Sales & Sales Ops

Spend time selling, not administrating. Nintex helps sales professionals cut through the clutter and concentrate on providing great customer experiences.

Generate contracts | Boost conversions | Client onboarding

Human Resources

Ensure your employees are at the center of your business. From recruiting and onboarding to performance reviews and leave requests, Nintex helps improve the employee lifecycle.

Recruiting | Employee onboarding | Performance reviews

Information Technology

Break the IT bottleneck. Automation helps IT teams manage requests, expedite ticket resolution, take control of provisioning processes, and more.

Help desk | Employee Onboarding | Hardware & software requests

Customer Service

Provide your customers with excellent service by automating time-consuming administrative tasks. It’s easy to open the lines of communication and quickly resolve issues.

Customer onboarding | Self-service portals | Maintenance requests

Process Excellence & Transformation

Easily implement meaningful change throughout your organization by empowering your team to continuously improve their processes.

Standardized procedures | Process documentation | ISO certification

Operations & Shared Services

Standardize policies and procedures, gain access to up-to-date processes, and easily improve consistency and service delivery across systems.

Shared process delivery | Business unit integration | Internal communication


Transform your finance processes like invoice processing, expense approvals, and budgeting to place the focus on driving revenue and margin growth.

Purchase requests | Accounts receivable | Invoice management


Modernize your legal department without sacrificing due diligence. Automate contract redlining processes, trigger multi-level approvals, and get more done in less time.

Regulatory compliance | Contract lifecycle | Legal review requests


Streamline marketing campaigns from planning to execution. Focus on producing consistent customer experiences and generating demand instead of chasing down reviews and approvals.

Brand awareness | Product launches | Customer communication

By Industry

Run your business with confidence and efficiency

See how Nintex makes it possible to quickly and easily manage, automate, and optimize processes in any industry.

Financial Services

Nintex enables financial service providers of all kinds to efficiently handle policies, accounts, investments, claims, and more.

Banking | Wealth management | Insurance providers

Health & Life Sciences

Automate end-to-end healthcare processes to improve patient care, streamline device manufacturing and maintenance, and more.

Healthcare providers | Pharmaceuticals | Workflow and Processes Automation Use Cases


Global energy companies can digitize and streamline their operations to improve customer satisfaction and drive cost savings.

Oil & gas | Power & utilities | Renewable energy


Digitally transform operations, services, and engagement in the public sector to deliver better results, faster.

Federal employees | Incident response | Public records requests


From equipment inspections and maintenance to supplier onboarding and procurement, automation allows manufacturers to streamline operations with confidence.

Product inspections | Equipment service | Disaster response


Effectively managing and automating repetitive processes can help employees focus on developing innovative technology instead of spending their time on administrative tasks.

Process standardization | Internal transactions | Consistent communication


Recruit talented educators, improve administrative processes, and get the most out of a tight budget. Educators can realize countless benefits by automating their processes with Nintex.

Automated applications | Recruitment | Compliance audits

Food & Beverage

Digitizing and mobilizing business processes can improve quality of service, speed of delivery, and customer satisfaction in the food and beverage industry.

Employee management | Safety inspections | Standard operating procedures