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Automate repetitive tasks with RPA

Nintex RPA sets the standard for secure, scalable, and cost-efficient automation. With five patents for machine learning and computer vision, our robotic process automation solutions enable businesses to automate even complex tasks. The drag-and-drop interface is designed for business users, no coding required.

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Drive business agility and efficiency with robotic automation

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Improve speed and efficiency

Automate fragmented processes

RPA speeds-up and streamlines vital processes. A time-consuming task that previously involved many people is easily set up and managed by one person, while bots do the work, accurately and automatically. Nintex RPA alone may return an ROI of 220% to automate just one process according to the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study.

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Increase data quality and accuracy

Automate data input

Eliminate the risk of human errors across business processes. By reducing how often employees manually input or transfer data, errors decrease and accuracy increases. Consistent first-entry accuracy helps businesses reach accuracy goals by preventing costly, time-consuming fixes and revisions.

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Maximize employee productivity

Automate mundane tasks

Engage employees with mission-critical work, optimizing their skillsets, instead of focusing on mundane, time-consuming tasks that can be easily automated. Freeing them from repetitive work and ‘swivel chair’ activities elevates job satisfaction and creates a more efficient workplace.

A desktop personal assistant

Nintex RPA attended automation helps offload high-volume tasks to a virtual workforce, with optional guidance and modes for tasks requiring human intervention. From the desktop, users can call on bots to help perform tasks. The ‘Guide Me’ mode takes users through tasks step-by-step to ensure accuracy; while the ‘Do It’ mode directly performs tasks for the user, and ‘Watch’ mode offers corrections when needed. By supporting front and back office processes, attended automation maximizes productivity by empowering employees to complete tasks with greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Video: See how Nintex RPA attended automation streamlines a multi-application process
24/7 virtual workers behind-the-scenes

Nintex RPA unattended automation creates virtual workforces comprised of software robots to perform rote tasks that are definable, repeatable, and logic-based. Scalable to execute high volumes of back-office tasks 24/7 or during peak periods, the bots complete the tasks in less time, with increased accuracy and lower operational costs, allowing employees to focus on higher-value work. Unattended bots can run on all applications and across applications with real-time information on robot performance.

Video: Watch an unattended robot create and send an invoice Whitepaper: Learn how RPA drives business results
Combine RPA with workflows for the ultimate automation toolset
Leverage RPA 5 times faster with Process Discovery

Nintex RPA automates processes to help businesses improve performance and reduce operational costs. But which processes should you automate and why? Nintex Process Discovery is the market-leading tool that helps you quickly uncover the answer by rapidly identifying, mapping, and recommending the best tasks suited for automation.

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