Process Modeling – for even the most technical of teams​

Process Modeling delivers additional flexibility for technical teams looking to document complex processes with BPMN. ​


Improve technical teams’ efficiency with a set of standard BPMN symbols and notations.


Process Modeling leverages BPMN language preferred by some technical teams​.


Now all employees can manage their processes in one place – regardless of their technical expertise​.

Providing a single common BPMN language shared across industries

Can improve process modeling efficiency, reduce complexity, increase collaboration across technical teams, and facilitate global business operations and compliance.

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Easier integration with other software

With its standard set of symbols and notations the creation of executable models can also simplify the transition of the BPMN diagrams into software code​.

Process management simplified with Nintex Process Manager
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Process Modeling Webinar

Process Modeling capability delivers a single source of process truth for all teams. Leveraging BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) to help optimize more complex business processes. Watch the latest Process Modeling webinar to find out more.

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Accelerate your process manager onboarding

Our team of process manager experts will guide you in building a process excellence culture. Standard and Enterprise starter packs are available so you can tailor your onboarding approach to your specific business needs.

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