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Transforming the asset request process

The IT department is busy enough as it is and having to deal with a missing software license is time they can’t afford to lose. The next step—hassling with vendors to reclaim that lost license or even worse, having to re-purchase the same software again—is something no company has time for. Putting an automated process in place to track software or hardware assets prevents those assets from getting lost in the first place, and ensures they are always safe.

Unused software licenses cost time and money

On average, companies spend as much as $12 billion a year on maintenance fees and unused software licenses.* Far too much money is needlessly lost when companies don’t allocate and tracking license usage. And it is entirely—and easily—preventable.
*Source: Accenture “How software maintenance fees are siphoning away your IT budget—and how to stop It,” 2014; IDC/Flexera”

Remove the uncertainty from licensing

Easily keep track of which software licenses you’ve purchased to ensure your installations don’t exceed your limits. Automatically assign and/or recycle licenses and hardware resources to different users and schedule workflows to track software updates, resource usage, and warranty expirations.

The benefits

Improve productivity

Giving control makes consumers feel empowered, eliminating the stress of uncertainty.

Ensure compliance

Reduce the risk and avoid penalties of non-compliance and ensure good vendor relations by making sure you adhere to the licensing agreements.

Increase insight

Keep track of what you have, where it is, and who’s using it.

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