Nintex platform streamlines global restaurant chain’s processes


A global chain of restaurants dedicated time and passion into upgrading its décor and menu options with great success. Unfortunately, its paper-based administrative processes couldn’t keep up with its upsurge in popularity.


Across the globe, restaurant and administrative employees used paper forms for everything from leave requests to IT change requests. But workers in remote locations struggled to find the forms they needed.

Restaurant owners spent inordinate amounts of time dealing with paperwork. Instead of mingling with their customers, they had to go through huge stacks of forms.

When their food quality inspections and complaint management processes lagged in the sea of paperwork, they panicked. They couldn’t keep up with global food industry regulations or company compliance standards.

Administrative staff manually entered information from various forms into their system, which caused errors and long wait times. Management had no visibility into any of their processes, and lacked key insights to help with decision-making.


The Nintex partner architected a cloud-based workflow solution through Office 365. They turned to Nintex specifically for their Workflow and Forms solutions built for Office 365. Then they created a series of intuitive forms and workflows for all the key processes at the restaurants and at the administrative offices. Putting the solution in the cloud helped the company with the following:

  • Nintex Mobile serves the global workforce on multiple mobile platforms, online or offline, without having to redesign every form.
  • Rather than grabbing physical forms from the storeroom to run through their daily series of checklists, employees log into the centralized portal from their devices. If they need to submit a leave request, they can do it from the same portal.
  • Restaurant owners and managers can verify task completion with a quick glance at their own dashboard, allowing them to improve kitchen operations.
  • Automated processes for food quality inspections and complaint management greatly improves time for problem resolution, helping to ensure compliance with regulations and company policies.


Using digital workflow automation instead of a paper-based process ensured quick turnaround and less errors. The company now easily responds to requests and food quality inspections resulting in:

  • Reduced administrative burden by more than 50%
  • A cost savings of 40% compared with their old system
  • Reporting and dashboards to drive real-time decisions

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