Nintex empowers financial company’s sales model


A financial services company proudly provided customers with leading-edge financial products. With a firm belief in customer relationships, the company sales model relied partly on in-person solution demos. To show the value of their auditing services, financial reps needed to leverage the customer’s environment without affecting or over-exposing any underlying sensitive data.


The company needed a secure demo environment for both parties. At the same time, the company needed to make sure that the demo system required as little workload on the already overtaxed IT department as possible. It also needed to be easily replicated for scalability and business growth.


A Nintex partner came up with an ingenious solution using Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow to reduce the complexity of creating separate demo environments for each customer:

  • The partner’s solution architects set up a SharePoint farm in its own Active Directory environment, with forms-based authentication and multiple collections. This eliminates the need to use extra hardware to isolate each environment – and the extra IT resources for maintenance. It also provides an audit trail to track compliance with security and privacy SLAs with customers.
  • Each collection corresponds with a separate customer and generates templates, predefined workflows, and forms.
  • The templates make it easy to deploy unique branding for the customer and to apply specific security measures and permissions.
  • Nintex Forms allow the partner to apply complex business logic, including calculating currency exchange rates and providing custom validations based on client-side user data.


The IT department was surprised at the ease with which business users could set up a new customer environment and business users felt empowered with the new solution.

  • The on-demand solution had the templates up and ready in minutes
  • The solution met both resource and compliance requirements with almost no effort by IT administrators or business users
  • The templates allowed them to create a demo environment and visually manage their customers’ data and procedures without having to worry about complex IT procedures and compliance rules
  • The department had more time to focus on developing and demonstrating next-generation audit solutions to their customers
  • The IT department no longer had to worry about accidental security exposures

But ultimately, the company’s customers benefited the most, gaining a clear vision of how the company’s auditing and financial services worked in their specific environment.

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