Sales lead workflow improves pipeline


Acquiring new customers is only half the battle – the real challenge lies in keeping them happy and loyal to your company. A software asset management company realized their rapid growth far outstripped their ability to keep up with customer service. Their paper-based sales lead system not only blocked their growth, but threatened their current business as well.


Sales and management teams were drowning in paperwork, too busy to tend to their core business functions. Email inboxes overflowed and important tasks fell by the wayside. Updating clients’ software asset registries took too long, causing the company to miss important SLAs. Panicked customers couldn’t access key information to deal with upcoming software audits. With little visibility into the system, management had no metrics to guide the course of their business.


The company turned to a Nintex partner for help. The partner saw that a solution built on the Nintex workflow platform could leverage and expand their existing system within a narrow timeframe.

The partner first used Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow for SharePoint to build a sales leads capture and renewals process. SharePoint workflows captured the leads and tracked them through the sales funnel. Automating the system helped the company with the following:

  • Previously a manual re-keying process, a Nintex workflow now automatically posts the quote to the customer’s account. The workflow then emails the customer for digital acceptance using an integration with DocuSign. After acceptance, the workflow automatically generates the purchase order and subsequent invoice, completing the sales lifecycle process.
  • Next, the workflow automatically registers the customer’s purchase into their software asset registry.
  • The solution automatically starts the renewal process when expiration dates draw near, triggering the repeatable sales process workflow once again.
  • Enabling remote sales representatives, Nintex Mobile grants users access to the system regardless of their location.


Besides being well-positioned for future growth, this software asset management company now sees following positive impacts on their business:

  • Enhanced compliance audit trails
  • New insights to build and maintain customer relationships and determine where to further improve their processes
  • Improved customer service - customers are happy with the speedy delivery of quotes and invoices, which accelerated by at least three times overall – without the need for reminder and follow-up emails
  • While confident in delivering optimal customer service, the company realized an overall cost savings of 30-50% over their previous system

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