Nintex help desk solution resolves issues quickly without overwhelming IT


A city government with hundreds of workers struggled to get enough IT support. Issues and support requests flew in from users from different departments and the IT department had no clear process for handling them.


City workers turned to IT support to fix issues blocking them from serving their constituents. However, the IT department drowned in a growing flood of requests. Even small problems like resetting a password turned into a gigantic hassle. With no visibility into the system, IT management was hard-pressed to act quickly. They needed a low-maintenance workflow solution to manage a high volume of support issues and effectively triage issues for timely resolution.

Management also lacked reliable data to make accurate resource and budget management decisions.


A Nintex partner built the perfect help desk solution with Nintex Workflow, leveraging the city’s existing SharePoint system to do the following:

  • The solution automates incident management with all the necessary intelligence and business logic built into every workflow, ensuring the quick triage and resolution of different types of support tickets
  • All employees receive a personalized portal powered by Nintex Workflow
  • Automated notifications keep employees informed every step of the way
  • For the IT support team, administrative portals offer a triaged incident workflow, providing them with a clear schedule and process
  • Help desk managers get real-time data on their dashboards that give them quick insights into a number of incidents, time to resolution, and user satisfaction


Replacing an outdated process with digital workflow automation helped them manage support problems in a timely manner. Instead of wishing they had more IT support, the company now easily supports all issues and requests resulting in:

  • A huge gain in trust from their users
  • Significant savings in time
  • Through leveraging IT request data patterns, management had the key insights necessary to accurately and strategically plan for the future
  • City workers experienced far fewer non-productive periods, freeing them up to deliver better constituent services

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