Feedback portal drives business transformation


A public utilities provider in the UK wanted to generate more value for the communities it serves by gathering ideas from across the business in pursuit of constant innovation. To start, the company put suggestion boxes around its buildings and tracked the suggestions with spreadsheets. However, this method didn’t provide the desired level of collaboration, discussions or flow of information across the business communities.


The business wanted to trace the point of origin, the departments, and roles that provided the most innovative and powerful ideas so they could recognize and reward teams and individuals, particularly when they have a significant return or business impact on satisfaction and service delivery.


A Nintex Partner used Nintex Forms for Office 365 to develop a solution. Office 365 provided a way for the company’s thousands of users to seamlessly access their feedback portal at any time, from any device.

The feedback portal, powered by Nintex Forms, is simple to browse and navigate, making it easy for users to quickly access the site and submit ideas. Teams were able to do the following with the portal:

  • Pre-populate the new idea form with existing user information
  • Enable attachments that help visualize a concept quickly
  • Vote on ideas and give feedback through a Yammer thread automatically created by Nintex Workflow
  • Send alerts and updates to site owners about the activity on their sites and show the status of ideas in process


The feedback portal allowed employee ideas to have a direct impact across all business areas, including operations, administration, fleet and transport, customer service, finance and billing, quality, and health and safety.

By using Nintex products, the company benefited from:

  • An 80% reduction in administrative  overhead
  • A 40% decrease in the time required for data entry
  • 500 worker hours saved per year from fewer administrative tasks
  • A very rapid to deploy and easy-to-change solution
  • Expensive third-party applications or additional user-based subscriptions avoided

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