Government agency reduces processing time by 99% with paperless document management


A government agency wanted to better connect with its constituents. They saw constituency management as an area requiring improvement. So, they sought a user-friendly workflow solution to streamline processes.


Most of the agency’s administration was paper-based, with high usage of both paper and related office equipment. Employees spent much of their time distributing, storing and trying to manually retrieve their documents. This system led to long response times for approval, difficulty finding documents in their disorganized filing system and high direct costs.

In addition to administrative activities, the agency had to answer a lot of correspondence. That, too, was mired in a paper-driven process. They needed a solution that could:

  • Streamline their document management system
  • Advance correspondence within the internal organization
  • Automate their approval workflow to achieve transparency and protect confidential information


The company brought in a Nintex Solution Partner who built an e-Office system on top of the company's existing SharePoint system. Nintex products automated and streamlined workflows down to a few clicks:

  • Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow automate the incoming and outgoing letter registration process
  • Nintex Workflow provide an automated approval process for documents and letters, along with history tracking
  • Nintex Forms provide letter templates that workers can use to save time when sending email responses
  • Nintex Mobile provides an intuitive mobile platform for multiple device types, allowing workers to access and update the system from anywhere
  • A barcode scanner makes it simpler to find stored documents


Employees loved the new system. They could provide better customer service to their constituents without the burden and confounding complexity of paper.

With satisfied citizens and empowered employees, the government agency saw immediate and considerable time and cost savings:

  • Document processing times decreased 99% from 10 minutes to 5 seconds per work item
  • Expected cost savings are 45% annually, compared to the paper-based system
  • Reduced document management and approval times are saving the agency about 63,000 work hours per year

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