Automated workflow improves project-based tracking and resource allocation


The Internal Audit department of a large power company outgrew its manual and inconsistent timekeeping processes and sought a streamlined workflow solution.


An unclear process led to disparate projects and increased risk. Overburdened employees made subjective decisions about the priority of projects and struggled to report work hours due to a complex and time-consuming spreadsheet.

Risk for manual errors ran high. Without accurate data in the time entry spreadsheets, the department was without reliable project metrics. They needed a solution that would:

  • Drive workflow efficiencies for project-based time keeping
  • Provide business intelligence reports at the project and management level
  • Improve resource allocation across projects


Turning to a Nintex partner, the team built a project-based time entry solution with Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow for ease of use and intuitive reporting capabilities.

Nintex Forms prefilled forms with project information while Nintex Workflow parsed timesheet data into a SQL database. SQL reporting services and Excel business intelligence used the data to generate the following reports for the team lead:

  • Monthly project reports
  • Total record of work by person and by project
  • Billable vs. non-billable hours
  • Overtime reports
  • Monthly total customer hours per project


The Internal Auditing team was thrilled with the new automated reporting capabilities and easy time entry.

The solution streamlined workflows while reducing the overwhelming nature of their job. A simple solution designed with Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow provided them with sophisticated new tools:

  • Time management: The audit team lead viewed each individual’s weekly tasks to make sure they were on track.
  • Resource management: Resource allocation and utilization reports provided a realistic view of where employees were over or under booked.
  • Risk management: The team lead immediately saw any risks, issues, or slippages that affected project timelines or budget.
  • Project management: The team lead was able to make meaningful decisions for each project with an all-up view of project progress and key decisions already made.

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