Business process automation reduces marketing costs and increases collaboration


A world-wide pharmaceutical company is an industry leader in developing medical solutions and treatments that improve quality of life for millions of people. The company successfully tested workflow automation in one region and then they were ready to expand the program.


With marketing projects spanning multiple countries, thousands of users, and diverse languages, cultures and working styles, the company needed standardized, streamlined processes to provide consistent quality and maintain compliance with various government regulations.

The marketing solution had to integrate with SAP, custom Java applications, and a Brazilian vertical software solution. It also had to have outstanding performance and be easy to adopt, replicate, and manage.


A Nintex Partner knew Nintex Workflow plus Nintex Forms was a perfect solution. The platform integrated with SAP out of the box. With that problem handled, here’s what they were able to focus on:

  • Building a global marketing solution
  • Standardizing business processes, focusing on required core functions and features
  • Using Nintex workflows to ensure backend systems comply with regulations for privacy and confidentiality
  • Design an attractive and intuitive user interface that befits the creative and visual user base


The Nintex solution enhanced the user experience. It also delivered a return on investment in “hard dollars,” and improved regulatory compliance. The company did the following:

  • Replicated their solution worldwide
  • Saved over $50,000 in process and maintenance costs
  • Saved over $200,000 in deployment costs by using Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow
  • Reduced deployment time by 50%
  • Increased user collaboration from 400 users to 3,000
  • Reduced event planning and authorization from weeks to days

For this company, the Nintex workflow platform streamlined processes, delivered ROI, improved regulatory compliance, improved the user experience, and enabled global success.

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