Automated messaging helps company deliver great customer service


Local governments around the world depend on a global civil engineering firm to construct and maintain their transportation, urban, and services infrastructures. When something goes wrong, they need an immediate answer. Proud of its customer service, the engineering firm pushed notifications to tens of thousands of employees in over 25 countries. They soon discovered that notifications from multiple lines of business applications, phone, email, and SMS overwhelmed their employees. Productivity took a nosedive, and the firm desperately needed to find a better solution.


In addition to this causing issues with productivity, employees had to go to each application to get crucial information and ended up generating more manual paperwork. As the company expanded its operations, the applications kept coming – along with more notifications. Employees started spending more time dealing with their messages than focusing on their core business tasks. And as a result, customer service suffered.


A custom queue management solution that integrates with every app would take a tremendous amount of resources if developed from scratch. A Nintex Partner knew that a combination of all Nintex products streamlined solutions efficiently:

  • The Nintex platform integrates with the line of business applications
  • Nintex Live works with Azure Service Bus to provide a messaging queue management system
  • Nintex Workflow route messages according to the relevance determined by a user’s profile and groups
  • Nintex Forms provides a personal portal where users can view and manage all of their pending tasks and notifications
  • Nintex Mobile provides an intuitive user interface on different mobile device platforms
  • User and device certification ensures security of confidential information, and allows admins to revoke permissions in the case of lost or stolen devices

Overall, Nintex products allowed the partner to ensure that future systems could integrate seamlessly with the messaging queue management system.


The firm went from overwhelming its employees to the point of decreased productivity to a business solution that effectively integrated all management systems. By implementing the Nintex workflow automation, the company received numerous benefits:

  • Increased employee productivity and morale
  • The ability to provide excellent customer service
  • Clear work protocols and less paperwork
  • Increased security, reducing the possibility of information leaks on mobile devices
  • Immediate cost savings, with fewer notifications going through the systems and a solution that cost significantly less than it would have if developed from scratch

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