Proposal process changes the world of content production


A production company went into upheaval after new regulations were implemented to ensure transparency and timeliness in selecting content submissions. The regulations required impartiality, accuracy, and fairness in their programming. Companies had to prove protection of minors and follow proper privacy practices.


With their paper-based system, internal and external production teams manually uploaded or mailed their submissions to the production company’s creative team for consideration. Administrative staff manually logged each submission and passed it onto a commissioner for review. They manually sent acknowledgements of receipt and approval. Administrative staff regularly fielded calls from frustrated production crews wondering about the progress of their script or idea, and it took an inordinate amount of time to track it down.

The paper-based process also hindered traceability, making it impossible to prove compliance with regulations.


A Nintex Partner realized they could completely revolutionize the company’s submissions process with Nintex Workflow on top of their existing SharePoint system. After examining the user base, the partner knew that designing for mobile was a must. Here’s what they were able to do:

  • Create a single place for both internal and external production teams to submit their proposals on the company’s website
  • Start a workflow that immediately kicks off a notification of receipt to the submitter, logs the submission, and sends it through an automated review and approval process


Employees applauded the replacement of their antiquated paper-based system. This gave them the ability to dedicate their time and energy to their core business of reading and developing content ideas. Here’s how they succeeded:

  • Management noticed and took advantage of the workflow solution to automate additional processes throughout their business
  • It allowed them to meet key elements of the corporate strategy, significantly reducing cost, time, and carbon footprint
  • With submissions nearly doubling, and a scalable workflow automation firmly in-place, the production company easily met its audience’s ever-increasing thirst for content
  • Allowed them to go above and beyond regulatory guidelines for transparency, reporting, and customer experience

Other companies are now turning to the Nintex partner to get this solution for themselves, proving that the Nintex platform helps companies excel at compliance, among other benefits.

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