Yamaha strikes all the right notes with Nintex Drawloop

Yamaha reduces the time it takes to create legal contracts from weeks to minutes

Business success can create business challenges. Yamaha is one of the world’s leading suppliers of musical instruments and audio equipment to students, professional musicians and recording artists. Business growth has resulted in different divisions for the company’s diverse product and distribution channels – including PAC (Guitars, amps, drums), band and orchestral (marching band, rose parade) and the keyboard division.

Each division possesses its own separate set of legal exhibits and agreements that dictate how its products can be marketed and sold. And each division sells to retailers that have dozens or even hundreds of store locations or dealers. Manually creating all those documents proved problematic, making Nintex Drawloop very appealing.

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Established in 1960, the Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA), then Yamaha International Corporation, offers a full line of musical instruments and audio/visual products to its U.S. market. YCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation in Japan.

Business Situation

Yamaha’s music and audio sales division needed a streamlined and faster solution to complete legal contracts and agreements – and secure the necessary sign-offs from multiple retailers and individual dealers.


Yamaha – a power Salesforce and DocuSign user – turned to Nintex Drawloop to manage the entire document creation process through one system, directly merge Salesforce data into documents and send a single package of documents to retailers and dealers.

Yamaha creates a single document package for complex process

The first project that Yamaha tackled was automating the credit application process. Mike’s team created a Nintex Drawloop document package that included the credit app and other supporting documents. Because the document package dynamically pulls data directly from Salesforce, several fields on the credit app were filled out, enabling the customer to just fill in the blanks and electronically send it back.

Nintex Drawloop also helped Yamaha automate one of its biggest headaches – the generation, assembly and distribution of master dealer agreements (MDAs), and legal agreements and exhibits from Yamaha corporate and divisions to retailers and their dealers.

This process was highly complex. With Nintex Drawloop, Yamaha created a single document package that contained: a customized cover letter; the corporate MDA (parent contract); legal exhibits between each division and dealers establishing a legal relationship and authorizing multiple retail locations (child contracts); and multiple distribution agreements from the Yamaha divisions for each retail location (child contracts).

“Prior to Nintex Drawloop, it took corporate and our divisions weeks, even months, to prepare and send our legal agreements to our retail partners,” Mike says. “Now, the user literally has to push a button in Salesforce and within minutes, the entire envelope is generated.”


 Reduced document creation time from weeks – or even months – to just minutes

Reduced document creation time from weeks – or even months – to just minutes

Instant visibility into contracts instead of hours-long searches

Instant visibility into contracts instead of hours-long searches

Unified “One Yamaha” brand through consistent documentation

Unified “One Yamaha” brand through consistent documentation

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Nintex Drawloop provided the functionality to complete our entire document process without ever leaving Salesforce.

Mike Machado, C.R.M. Manager, YamahaATS