University College automates payroll system and eliminates paper errors with Nintex

Digital workflow automation banishes paper nightmares

At Copenhagen-based University College (UCC), proctor staff members were required to fill out paper timesheets and expense reports, which were routed by hand for manager approval. Once approved, the data was then manually inputted into the payroll system.

“Our old system was riddled with data input errors, missing signatures, poor authentication, and documentation omissions,” states Frank Güsmer, head of human resources. “It was difficult for our payroll staff to raise efficiency in the submission process.” As a result, proctor employees’ paychecks were often several days late, and the HR staff was burdened with complaints and administrative roll-backs.

Digital workflow automation banishes paper nightmares at UCC
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University College (UCC) provides academic and vocational training for more than 16,000 full- and part-time students annually, plus professional development courses for those already in the workforce. With 14 locations in Copenhagen and the Capital Region, it is also host to an acclaimed applied research facility.

Business Situation

UCC’s manual, paper-based payroll and expense reporting processes was cumbersome and inefficient, resulting in higher administrative costs, poor data quality, and an increase in support requests.


Nintex Workflow gave UCC an easy way to automate its manual payroll approval system and consolidate and centralize all of its payroll workflows, providing better payroll and expense reporting.

Nintex Workflow automation replaces manual processes

According to Güsmer, Nintex Workflow was exactly the solution UCC was looking for. “Nintex enables our users to easily input payroll and expense data themselves, and it gets automatically sent for manager approval—no more paper or manual routing,” Güsmer says. 

With Nintex, UCC dramatically improved payroll and expense reporting efficiency. Automated payroll paperwork ensures that hourly employees quickly get paid and reimbursed. Says Güsmer happily, “Today, our HR and accounting administrators can spend more time on business-critical activities, rather than chasing paperwork!” And because the archived payroll documentation is now stored in SharePoint, it’s easy for them to locate and access whenever they need it.


 Reduction in payroll administrative costs
Reduction in payroll administrative costs
 Reduced time for data entry
Reduced time for data entry
 Improved data quality
Improved data quality
Nintex is both cost-effective and scalable to adapt to our needs in the future.

Our processes were long overdue for an upgrade, and we needed to make sure that the solution we chose would fix the problem quickly. Nintex is both cost-effective and scalable to adapt to our needs in the future."

Frank Güsmer, UCC International,head of human resources