Strategic Growth produces 300% more case studies with Nintex Drawloop

Nintex Drawloop drives customer success story production

Case studies are an increasingly important part of corporate marketing at Strategic Growth, Inc. To optimize their effectiveness, case studies need to reflect the customer’s industry, region and business—and be new enough to remain relevant in a fast-moving world. The software Strategic Growth used to manage the process was outdated and often required the consultants to manually complete the case study template.

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Nintex Drawloop

From top management to individual consultants, the people of Strategic Growth, Inc. offer a depth of experience with Salesforce—including the Salesforce implementation methodology that’s still used today. Founded in Austin, Texas in 2007, with additional offices in Dallas, Houston and Chicago, Strategic Growth is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner.

Business Situation

Strategic Growth produces case studies as a sales tool for itself and for Salesforce. But the process was slow, unreliable, and didn’t always comply with the Salesforce template.


Strategic Growth adopted Nintex Drawloop, which automatically creates documents that merge a company’s Salesforce data with the case study template. Consultants click a button in Salesforce to kick off the process and Nintex Drawloop automatically populates the latest slide template with customer data.

The sales team is better equipped for success with the case studies produced with Nintex Drawloop

To solve their challenge, Caleb Sidel, Vice President and Chief Architect at Strategic Growth turned to Nintex Drawloop document generation service. Nintex Drawloop creates documents quickly, accurately and predictably by merging Salesforce data into any combination of document templates. When consultants complete and close a project, they kick off a case study by clicking a button on the Project Summary object in Salesforce. Nintex Drawloop accesses customer data from the company’s Salesforce database and instantly populates the latest case study slide template. The consultants provide additional details to complete the case study.

Both Sidel and his consultants save time by using Nintex Drawloop. A consultant who puts several case studies in the wrong template and has to redo it—or have Sidel redo it—can waste hours. That doesn’t happen anymore.

Because their case study production is faster, easier and more reliable with Nintex Drawloop, Strategic Growth produces more case studies faster. In fact, Sidel estimates that case study production is up by 300 percent, far exceeding the Salesforce quota.


strategic growth case study production up 300 percent

Case study production grew 300 percent

strategic growth case study up to date templates

Consultants save time by not manually producing the case studies

strategic growth case study faster process

The new process is faster, more reliable, and more predictable

Strategic Growth Quote

We’ve made case study generation with Nintex Drawloop so convenient, quick and reliable, there’s no reason for a consultant not to do it and do it right. The results are accurate and predictable. It never fails.

Caleb Sidel, Vice President and Chief Architect,Strategic Growth, Inc.