Merx expands business development with cloud-based workflow automation

Singapore-based consulting firm cuts time for key processes by 70%

When a company builds its operations around client satisfaction, they increase their own competitive advantage in the market place.

Take Merx. Given the complexity of their construction and design client projects throughout Australia and South East Asia—a key way to enhance client service is to complete projects faster while providing more collaboration and transparency into the project’s status. But manual processes and a decentralized management system stood in the way. Merx’s Managing Director Will Forwood and Project Manager Dion Tang sought a better way.

After adopting Microsoft Office 365 for email, Forwood and Tang realized that its SharePoint Online component could provide part of the project management answer. Forwood and Tang discovered the rest of their answer in Nintex for Office 365, a robust solution that works hand-in-glove with Office 365. Nintex introduced them to technology provider Total eBiz Solutions (TeBS) to design and deploy the company’s Nintex solution. “TeBS knew our industry, knew Nintex, and was the most proactive provider we contacted,” Forwood says.

TeBS delivered a transparent, online monitoring and tracking system called Merx Octagon, which tracks all facets of a project’s lifecycle, ensuring compliance with quality standards, project schedule and budget requirements.

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Merx is a consulting company that provides project management, construction management, cost management and client representation to help clients deliver projects across construction, real estate and hospitality. It has wholly owned offices in Singapore; Hong Kong, China; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Kyauktada Township Yangoon, Myanmar.

Business Situation

In an increasingly competitive market, Merx wanted to make its project management faster and more consistent to better serve its clients.


Technology provider Total eBiz Solutions (TeBS) used Nintex Workflow for Office 365, Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile, together with SharePoint Online, to create Merx Octagon, a comprehensive online project management and tracking system.

A better way to manage change - real change

Octagon uses Nintex, for example, to manage change requests. Complex jobs can have 30 or more such requests. Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms support workflows that speed and automate the change process from initial request through approvals, confirmed change orders, and instructions to contractors.

Merx staff and clients receive email notifications when a form awaits their review and signature, and forms are automatically routed to them. Nintex Forms convert the form data from requests into orders and instructions, eliminating the need to create, route and maintain separate forms. Nintex stores the forms in SharePoint Online for easy retrieval. Previously, the process of approving a change request could take three months. Now, with the Nintex solution in Octagon, Forwood expects the process to take just three to four days.

With Nintex, Forwood expects project managers to reduce the time they spend on paperwork by 80%. “Over the course of a year,” Forwood says, “Nintex can help free a month of a project manager’s time—time that can be reinvested in working with clients and driving other parts of a project.” He envisions Octagon setting up projects four weeks faster than the six weeks it traditionally takes.


Speeds change request process from three months to four days
Reduces time spent on paperwork by 80%
Reduces time to set up a new project by 67%
Merx Expands Business Development with Cloud-Based Workflow Automation

The market demands that we work faster, no matter how fast we are already. With Nintex, we can."

Will Forwood, Managing Director,Merx