Buckman saved $800K by automating purchase requests

Global leader in specialty chemicals uses Nintex for Office 365 to automate procurement, sales and customer service processes, and improve workplace safety investigations

Tennessee-based Buckman is a global leader in specialty chemical supply. All technical data, pricing, and equipment and product purchase approvals went through their procurement department, and as a result, they were drowning in emails and the entire purchasing process became incredibly lengthy. Buckman needed to establish one smooth approval flow for procurement that would significantly decrease the amount of emails and dramatically improve productivity.

Using Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for Office 365, the team created a workflow that organized, streamlined, and automated procurement information, cutting approval and processing time from three to five weeks, down to just a few days.

Mobile safety inspection form improves response times

Buckman also uses Nintex Mobile to enhance workplace safety worldwide. Previously, associates had to wait until they got back to an office to manually file incident reports. The delay could result in incomplete or inaccurate reports. Buckman employees now use Nintex Mobile to record safety incidents whenever and wherever they occur, including photo attachments, so submitted reports are more comprehensive and accurate.

Buckman, global leader in chemical supplies, cuts order approval and processing time from weeks to days with Nintex
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Buckman, based in Memphis, Tennessee, is an ISO-certified global specialty chemical company with annual sales of more than $500 million and 1,750 employees in more than 90 countries.

Business Situation

Facing increased competition and higher customer expectations, Buckman sought new ways to minimize costs and increase ROI leveraging Office 365.


Buckman uses Nintex for Office 365 to automate processes in nearly every aspect of its operations, including sales, procurement, workplace safety, and customer support.

Workflows help sales reps improve customer service

With Nintex Forms for Office 365, associates can quickly and correctly enter data that seamlessly triggers Nintex Workflow for Office 365 to automate the creation of centralized customer folders, sync updates, manage access permissions, and notify relevant sales team members and managers when new information is available. Everyone uses the same data, eliminating version- control problems and helping them better meet customers’ needs.



Save Money
Saved $800K in the procurement process
Nintex Fast Speed
Saw 10X increase in use of centralized data
Nintex Save Time
Reduced the amount of time in the safety investigation cycle
The best thing is that everyone in the approval chain, from start to finish, can instantly see if an order is getting held up and requires action.

We can do so much with Nintex for Office 365 because it allows us to generate solutions quickly without needing to write code. With Nintex, we can get to a proof-of-concept in less than an hour. The accelerated time-to-benefit is a huge value-add that Nintex brings to the table.”

Brett Ellis,IT Enterprise Services Manager at Buckman