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Nintex Document Automation Summit | April 13 & 14
Accelerate your success by digitizing document-centric processes

Document Automation for Digital Transformation

At the center of every organization are mission-critical documents that drive the business – many of which are still paper-based. Manual document processes place an unnecessary burden on your organization, slowing cycle times, and introducing human error. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Automating document centric processes is the fast and easy first step on your digital transformation journey.

Attend our Nintex Document Automation Summit to learn how dynamic DocGen® combined with workflow automation can help your organization operate more efficiently. During the event, we also will show how to effectively map and manage processes and identify key processes ripe for document generation. We will highlight some quick wins, show how easy it is to generate contracts and invoices in Salesforce and other CRM systems, and explore how automation software, including workflow and robotic process automation (RPA), can further accelerate digital transformation and your success.

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Why document automation matters

The creation of critical documents like contracts, work orders, and invoices does not need to be a burden on your employees. Document automation reduces the time, expense, and risk of manually creating documents by equipping your teams with easy-to-use tools to automatically generate data-driven documents.

Build a document process powerhouse

Automating a poorly designed process leads to less than stellar outcomes. Evaluating your current document centric processes is critical before implementing automation. Leveraging process mapping tools like Nintex Process Manager to map, manage, and optimize processes is key to your sustained success.

Manual document processes – the logical place to start automating

Organizations that embrace digital transformation have a huge advantage over the laggards in their industry, and digitizing document generation is essential to digital transformation. Identifying those document centric processes that slow down your organization is a great place to start.

Reduce time to signature by 95%

Document automation combined with eSignature capabilities streamlines how work gets done and deals are signed. Close deals faster and improve the customer experience with eSignature tools like Nintex Sign® powered by Adobe. Easily automate the routing, eSign, archiving and closing of processes securely and efficiently.

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Document Automation for Digital Transformation

Our 3-hour immersion into document automation provides you with guidance on how to map and automate your manual document processes. And for those attendees further along in your digital journey, will share tips and best practices for designing and deploying advanced workflow automation and RPA software bots.

Introductions & welcome remarks

The true value of automating your document-centric processes

Get the crayon out – Demystifying document automation

5 common document centric problems you can begin solving today

3 quick wins – document automation use cases

Document automation product feature session

Salesforce document generation migration made easy

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