Pizza and Process will return in November

When the work flows just right, like a big pizza pie. That’s amore!

Pair your process with a slice of pizza and join Pizza and Process each month with your host Nintex Product Manager, Jonathan Butler. The team building the Nintex Process Platform will share insider knowledge behind product development decisions – featuring discussions with Nintex power-users. Grow your process knowledge and workflow methodology in the next Pizza and Process. See you there!


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Pizza and Process

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Pizza and Process host Jonathan Butler shares a slice of pizza with Nicole Vesser who is a senior solutions manager at Abel Solutions. Nicole is a Nintex virtual technical evangelist (vTE) and certified Nintex practitioner.

Find out how to win a free pizza and put The Power of Process® in your hands – all in the next Nintex Pizza and Process.


Pizza and Process takes place around the second Thursday of every month. Each session will combine different workflow dialogues, anatomies, and philosophies, but will always feature a new process and guest speaker.

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