K2 Customer FAQ: K2 customers
October 2020

What does Nintex’s acquisition mean for the future of K2 products and my investments in building solutions with K2?

K2 Cloud, recently re-marketed as K2 Nexus, remains and is fully supported. With the combination of Nintex and K2 we are now focused on providing a best-of-breed, cloud-based platform that will be utilized by K2 Cloud customers in the future. Additionally, we will be reverting back to the original descriptive product name, K2 Cloud.

In addition to supporting K2 Cloud moving forward, we will invest in cloud integration between K2 Cloud and the Nintex Workflow Cloud and focus to bring you the best of both worlds. Our product vision at Nintex is to provide our Nintex Community members with a best-of-breed cloud automation platform, which is a key benefit in bringing two leaders in digital process automation (DPA) together. We will take the best features and functionality of Nintex’s and K2’s cloud offerings to ensure a great experience with our platform and a strong ROI from your investments with us.

K2 Five, also referred to as K2 Platform Classic, is a strategic product for Nintex as customers continue to run workflows on-premises and in hybrid environments. We will continue to invest in K2 Five to ensure customer success with the platform.

We will share more product roadmap details for K2 Cloud and K2 Five in the first quarter of calendar year 2021.

Will Nintex’s easy-to-use capabilities for process management and automation like process mapping, RPA, document generation, and eSignatures be made available to K2 customers?

Absolutely. Nintex has a strong and wide portfolio of complementary products to help you improve business processes and quickly meet your automation needs. Capabilities include Nintex Promapp® which helps organizations visually map business processes collaboratively across departments and then flag processes for improvement and/or automation. We also have Nintex RPA, which is a tool to help you automate manual, repetitive time-intensive work with software bots and rich document generation capabilities to help you easily automate the creation and distribution of critical documents across back and front office scenarios.

As our two sales teams integrate in the coming months, we are excited to work collaboratively with every new and longstanding K2 customer to ensure you are up-to-speed on our offerings and to help you evaluate these solutions for your organization’s needs today and tomorrow. We are happy to provide you with an overview of the easy-to-use and powerful capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform including personalized demos. To request a demo, simply complete this form: https://www.nintex.com/request-demo/.

Will I be forced to move my K2 Cloud apps to a new platform in the future?

K2 Cloud is fully supported to ensure customers can continue their investment in K2 as we work towards providing a combined best of breed solution. Our product and engineering teams are excited to be working together now and to bring the best of K2 Cloud and Nintex Workflow Cloud together over the next few years. Rest assured that you can continue to build on K2 Cloud and any future transition will be fully supported to ensure the success of our customers.

Will you change the pricing for K2 Cloud?

There will be no immediate changes to pricing as we are at the very early stages of integrating Nintex and K2 operations. Pricing is an area that is assessed as part of every acquisition. That said, one of our core leading principles is to ensure stability and fairness to all existing customers, so any changes that might be made will be done so with that core principle helping to guide decisions with a customer-friendly policy leading the way. When we have more information in terms of pricing strategy, we will be sure to keep you informed of any changes.

What about case management? Will you continue to support it?

Absolutely, we are excited about the opportunities with case management and we will continue to support it in similar terms to how we are supporting K2 Cloud. We will share our product roadmap for case management in the first quarter of calendar year 2021.

Will K2 Five continue to be supported and what is the roadmap?

K2 Five, also referred to as K2 Platform Classic, is a strategic product for Nintex as customers continue to run workflows on-premises and in hybrid environments. We will continue to invest in K2 Five to ensure customer success with the platform. We will share more product roadmap details for K2 Cloud and K2 Five in the first quarter of calendar year 2021.

I am a customer on K2 blackpearl® (4.7) or K2 Five (5.0-5.2). Will I continue to get support? Will I still be able to take advantage of Extended Support?

We believe you will have the best experience on the latest version of K2 Five. Our recommendation to you is to upgrade to the most recent version. If you want to remain on previous versions, we will continue to support you through our extended support offerings, which remain unchanged for the time being.

However, in order to sustain these extended support programs, there will continue to be fees for the extended support contracts. Rest assured that we are committed to ensuring your success with our software and will provide you with quality support on every version.

Will there be any impact to the K2 JttC (Journey to the Cloud) program? Will the managed service remain and what about costs?

Nintex has a very similar program in market to K2 JttC. Going forward, we will work to converge the best of both programs for customers. Additionally, Nintex will integrate K2 professional services into our company which includes managed services.

The JttC offering will no longer provide the option for Nintex to host the clients K2 infrastructure as part of a managed service offering. We will continue to offer managed service and app support to clients K2 solutions on their infrastructure as part of JttC.

I have K2 and Nintex, what now?

That’s great! Over time you will see our products increasingly integrated and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the breadth and depth of what both companies have to offer now under Nintex.

Additional capabilities offered by Nintex include process mapping, RPA, document generation, eSignatures and, of course, workflow and forms – where you will see us accelerate innovation as we bring the best features and functionalities from Nintex and K2 together.

I am on an unlimited license model. Will this continue?

Nintex also offers a version of unlimited licensing so there are some congruencies between how we do business. At this time, there are no changes to licensing and any changes that are made will be done with enough notice ahead of time so you can plan appropriately.

I am evaluating both K2 and Nintex. With the acquisition, how should I evolve my thinking in comparing the products?

K2 Five and Nintex Workflow on-premises will remain separate products for the foreseeable future. Each product has its own strengths and capabilities that provides customers with flexibility and choice for their specific automation needs and preferences.

Over time K2 Cloud and Nintex Workflow Cloud will converge to a best-of-breed cloud automation platform. We will take the best of both worlds and bring them together to ensure you have access to easy-to-use and powerful tools to improve the way people work with process management and automation. Nintex will continue to support the product through the end of 2023, at a minimum.

You should choose the right platform for your needs and have confidence that we will be invested in your success moving forward. At the time we are ready to converge the platforms, we will fully support customers for their transition.

Will my support and maintenance plans change?

Our current support offerings and policies for K2 products will remain in effect with no changes for the foreseeable future. Like in any acquisition, we will be evaluating each support offering with an aim to bring the best of the K2 and Nintex support offerings and policies together as part of our integration efforts.

For existing K2 customers, we will ensure that customers are fully supported and get great value for their investments in support. We will be sure to provide you with appropriate notice of any changes ahead of time and will strive to make potential changes a positive experience for customers.

Will you be investing in offshore services for migrations moving forward?

Yes, we are working on building out a larger “nearshore/offshore” team in professional services. We will share more information on this in the coming months. In the meantime, please direct any specific question to your sales representative or regional professional services lead.

Will Nintex be taking on the K2 professional services function and set of offerings?

Yes, we are. You may request professional services in the same way you requested them before Nintex’s acquisition of K2. As we integrate our operations further, we will look to enhance our engagement processes and set of offerings, and continue to deliver high-quality professional services to our customers.