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Modern food production requires modern software solutions

A scalable and effective process for invoices

De Heus a.s. needed to build a system that would combine the possibilities of effective document management with the connection to other internally used systems (Integra, ABRA Gen). The flow of company processes was not defined, it was rather “customary” – electronically received invoices were printed and together with a paper shirt traveled on the desks of individual approvers in the same way as those delivered only on paper.

It was common for invoices not to be approved on time or even to be lost, which caused delays, and also damaged De Heus’ reputation in the eyes of its suppliers. Data from received invoices were manually transcribed into the ERP, which in turn placed increased demands on the time and attention of the accountants. After signing, contracts were scanned and stored in a folder on a shared drive. In the case that someone forgot to scan a contract, it resulted in an often complicated process to trace it back through the company.

As the company already uses Microsoft 365 solutions, leveraging Microsoft SharePoint as a digital document management system made sense – but it was only part of the solution. The company implemented a complete solution using SharePoint, a combination of ScanFlow for invoices, a document digitization, and extraction tool, and Nintex K2 Five.

De Heus
Food & Beverage
Capabilities Used
Application Development

Who they are

De Heus a.s. produces compound feeds, premixes and concentrates for livestock. The production plants in Marefy near Bučovice and in Běstovice near Chocň currently produce over 300 thousand tons per year, making it one of the most important feed producers in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

What they needed

The company needed to improve its accounts payable process to ensure proper approvals, documentation and payment of vendor invoices.

How they did it

De Heus leverage Nintex K2 Five with Microsoft SharePoint and ScanFlow to completely digitize and automate the process.

A digitized document management system

De Heus management was given the difficult task of clearly defining the processes. With the help of Konica Minolta consultants – they even managed to optimize them.

Now, all incoming invoices are digitized, relevant data is extracted and everything is clearly stored in the DMS. The electronic record is then formally checked, and the invoice items are allocated to the applicable cost centers. The subsequent multi-stage approval workflow uses artificial intelligence elements (the workflow is determined on the basis of the amount and department, no responsible person approves an item twice if he has the necessary authorizations, etc.), and users are alerted to assigned tasks or delays in their execution by e-mail notifications.

Thanks to the delivered solution, it is possible to optimize the operation of the company. Using the standard functionality of Nintex K2 Five’s reporting, processes can be monitored and analyzed to discover bottlenecks. Reports and metadata can also be handled using BI tools. De Heus has become the workplace of the 21st century thanks to modern paperless office applications. With the expansion of production to Slovakia and the construction of a new state-of-the-art plant, the solution will be deployed there as well.

The final solution of the given processes in cooperation with Konica Minolta made our work with invoices and contracts significantly more efficient.
– Michael Janský, Financial Director, De Heus
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