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Engineering solutions with scalability and reliability

Zamil Industrial, a leading provider of market-leading equipment, construction materials, and innovative design and engineering solutions was no stranger to business process automation solutions. The platform they adopted, however, did not offer the scalability and reliability required when the organization expanded, and business users’ requirements grew more complex. With a move to Nintex K2 Five, the company realized immediate benefits over their old system. Zamil Industrial employees can now achieve more in less time, collaborate more effectively, and keep things running smoothly.

Zamil Industrial
Capabilities Used
Application Development

Who they are

Zamil Industrial is a business group in Saudi Arabia focused on delivering engineering solutions for use in the construction industry.

What they needed

Legacy systems were no longer working for Zamil as the company was experiencing rapid growth. The company needed a comprehensive automation solution.

How they did it

With a move to Nintex K2 Five, the company realized immediate benefits with employees now achieving more in less time and collaborating more effectively.

Keeping up with digital technology demands

Challenge: Addressing future growth

Before adopting Nintex K2 Five as its enterprise workflow solution, Zamil Industrial utilized another process automation platform. While this legacy system met the group’s needs at first, it did not offer the scalability and reliability required when the organization expanded, and its needs became more complex. Soon, IT resources were under pressure due to the number of bugs and breakdowns that required urgent attention. With insufficient support from the legacy system providers, downtime and business interruption became a serious issue.

Searching for a workflow engine that could keep pace with its burgeoning digital technology demands, Zamil Industrial consulted its Microsoft partner and shortlisted a range of alternative vendors—including Nintex K2 Five. Following an in-depth selection process, Nintex K2 Five emerged as Zamil Industrial’s first choice.

Solution: An agile business process automation platform

Eventually, the majority of the group’s business processes were moved to Nintex K2 Five—serving the most critical business areas including Personnel, HR, Training, Finance, Quality Control, Facility Management, and Manufacturing. In 2015, more than 97,000 requests were initiated through Nintex K2 Five, and a further 81,000 in 2016.

Overall, Nintex K2 Five has provided an agile business process automation platform that scales to meet business demand. It has also increased efficiencies within the IT department by significantly reducing the time taken to build and deploy a process application. The effort required to support all users across the group has also been drastically reduced by 80%.

By freeing resources in the IT department, Zamil Industrial’s skilled staff can now focus on more strategic projects. The reduction in the amount of IT support required throughout the enterprise represents a significant time and cost saving for both the IT division and the business units, which are no longer experiencing process downtime. Since Nintex K2 Five was implemented, reported incidents by users have been reduced across the group.

I like [Nintex] K2 Five because it’s a satisfying enterprise workflow solution that easily integrates with our platforms. Moreover, [Nintex] K2 Five is always adding new features and enhancements continuously, which keeps us always eager for new experiences. Most of all, their responsive support offers peace of mind.
Mohammed Al-Haddad, Program Manager, Process Automation and Information Technology, Zamil Industrial
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