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Transform Your Business into a Workplace of the Future with Nintex

For years now, many businesses have been looking to eradicate paper-based processes, including those that rely on hard-copy forms or have used Microsoft InfoPath to create digital forms. While this has been a successful way of capturing information, to keep up with the speed of business today, organizations need a more sophisticated and agile solution.

Companies looking to create a workplace of the future must go beyond simply digitizing paper forms and create more sophisticated processes surrounding these forms.

Modern forms shouldn’t require an IT department to implement or maintain. The necessity of coding knowledge prevents many workers from creating or amending forms—and involving an IT department creates unnecessary extra strain.

Instead, line of business employees should feel empowered to define, design, and edit their own forms without the need for technical support. Finding a solution with a simple, effective interface is the only way to guarantee your workers will adopt and get the most out of new software. Not to mention, your IT department will thank you for the extra time.

Now that Microsoft has retired InfoPath and mainstream support ends in 2021, users will find an obvious gap in the SharePoint network for intelligent form design.

In order to adapt to the digital workplace, businesses need to find new and better digital form alternatives.

Transitioning away from paper forms

If you’re still using paper forms in your business processes, now is the time to phase them out. Adopting digital forms will make productivity and efficiency far easier to maintain.

Preparing to incorporate forms into your workflows requires planning. Before implementing modern forms tools, you should examine your business processes. This will allow you to identify and retire old forms and update current ones.

Once you’re sure that you’re collecting the correct data and that your processes are as streamlined as possible, you’ll also need to organize the data systems storing information for your forms and ensure that your data is up-to-date.

When picking your new digital forms solution, you’ll need to make sure it integrates with your existing process management software without disrupting existing workflows. Whether you store data in the cloud or on-premises, your forms need to be able to connect to your data.

It’s also essential to consult your end users about what they need from your forms solution. This is the only way to guarantee adoption upon implementation.

What do modern forms look like?

Modern forms solutions should tick several boxes:

Drive transformation

To drive digital transformation in your business, your workflow system should incorporate simple and intelligent forms. Using advanced, rules-based logic based on user input can tailor forms to an individual and capture higher quality information.

The metadata on your form can initiate an automated workflow, allowing you to create processes that deliver quality, consistent data and improve your business productivity.

Deliver on expectations

To deliver the experience that modern software users expect and reduce strain on IT departments, modern forms have to be quick and easy to design, without coding. Creating new workflows and integrating digital forms shouldn’t be labor-intensive.

Modern form solutions also need to be mobile, to fit in with modern flexible workplaces, with apps available to ensure that workers have access to their workflows wherever they are.

Ensure simplicity

To stay competitive and embrace the future, businesses need to create form-based workflows that will digitally transform thier business.

Nintex Forms is the most sophisticated and powerful digital forms solution available. Key features like no-code, drag-and-drop form controls, advanced logic, and a responsive interface make Nintex Forms the perfect choice for businesses looking to modernize their form-based workflows without having to rely on a team of developers.

Nintex and the workplace of the future

Nintex Forms was designed to allow you to build your forms in any environment for greater flexibility. Working within SharePoint, Office 365, or Nintex Workflow Cloud, form-building is easy and responsive. Advanced logic rules allow users to create intelligent forms that capture information and feedback in real time. Employees can change or complete forms from wherever they are on their mobile devices – whether or not they are online,

The workplace of the future will center around process automation to allow businesses to run more smoothly, reduce administrative work, and operate with agility.

Nintex Forms integrates seamlessly with your existing enterprise platform: SharePoint, Office 365, Salesforce, and in the cloud to offer a modern experience that will give your business the speed and agility you need to stay competitive.


Visit Nintex now to find out how you can create simple, intelligent forms and improve your organization’s processes.


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