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Nintex for Salesforce

Nintex for Salesforce is the leading no-code document automation solution on the AppExchange. Instantly transform data stored in Salesforce into mission-critical documents, from proposals and order forms to contracts and invoices. Customizable workflows automatically route documents to expedite reviews and approvals, and eSignature options make sign-offs easy. Easy to implement. Even simpler to use.

Effortlessly create and route documents

Nintex for Salesforce eliminates the time, expense, and risk of manual document creation, routing, and approvals. Convert data into compliant documents and instantly distribute them across your enterprise.

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Document Generation

Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce works behind the scenes to automatically populate Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF templates with data from Salesforce and other systems.

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Workflow Automation

With Nintex Workflows can be designed to route documents for internal review and approval by sales management, legal, or others—then sent directly to customers for eSignature.

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Forms & Mobile Apps

Leverage Nintex Forms to update Salesforce records, trigger workflows, or generate documents. Build custom Mobile Apps to access and update documents, forms, or tasks from anywhere.

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Discover Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce

Watch our introductory webinar series to learn how to get started generating and automating mission-critical documents such as contracts, quotes, and proposals – all from within your Salesforce environment.

Transform Salesforce data into compliant documents

Generate and store company-approved, compliant documents without cutting and pasting. Drawloop DocGen® allows the information entered via a customizable form to automatically flow into a preapproved Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF template, which is then stored in Salesforce or other systems of record.

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Automate document workflows and e-signatures

Eliminate delays, simplify collaboration, and quickly obtain sign-offs with Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation®. Our drag-and-drop canvas makes it easy to create workflows for even the most sophisticated needs. Automatically trigger workflows when changes to your Salesforce records are detected, expedite customer sign-offs with eSignature capabilities, and auto-assign tasks, alerts, and follow-ups to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

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Activate Salesforce data wherever you are

Keep your Salesforce records up-to-date and business processes flowing with Nintex Forms. Whether you’re a sales rep updating the results of a meeting or a customer requesting a quote via a website, you can instantly capture the information to trigger a workflow or generate a document. And with Mobile Apps, you can keep the process moving from anywhere, on any device.

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"Prior to DocGen®, it took corporate and our divisions weeks, even months, to prepare and send legal agreements to our retail partners. Now, the user literally has to push a button in Salesforce and within minutes, the entire envelope is generated."
Mike Machado, CRM Manager, Yamaha Corporation of America
Connect your work to the rest of the world

Your business doesn’t run on Salesforce alone. Built-in Nintex Connectors integrate the cloud services, business applications, and content stores you use every day into your Salesforce-based documents and workflows.

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Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation®
Automate document creation, expedite routing and eSignature, and extend the value of your Salesforce investment.

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Nintex Drawloop DocGen®
Generate faster and more compliant sales, marketing, and service documents—in any format—and share immediately.

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