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3 steps to achieve successful change management

From minor updates of protocols to global overhauls of business methods, there are a few constants of change that must be addressed for business transformation to succeed. Without them, there is a very real possibility that even the best-planned changes won’t come to fruition.

The key ingredient in change management is your people.

They’re the common denominator in any initiative to transform a business, no matter the scale or scope. Without their buy-in and cooperation, the best-planned projects don’t stand a chance of making an impact. You need to understand what effect the change will have on them, and what part they need to play in bringing it about.

  • What do they currently do?
  • How will this affect them?
  • What can they do to help make the change?
  • and what can you do to ease that transition?

One effective way to do this is to use a powerful but accessible process management tool like Nintex Promapp®. The platform does more than just map business processes. It allows teams to engage in the continuous improvement conversation, building healthy change management into the everyday business of the organization.

1. Communicate change

Research has shown that when teams don’t feel that they are being heard, their creativity diminishes. Innovation thrives on open communication and having avenues to suggest new approaches. This is just as true for process improvements as it is for anything else.

Nintex Promapp® invites collaboration from business teams, offering simple one-click suggestions that are tracked against the relevant processes. Process experts and owners can respond easily, with personalized notifications keeping them informed of feedback and the responses being communicated to the teams that raised them. When processes are updated, the people affected can see the change on their dashboard and review the new procedures with just a few clicks.

By capturing and acknowledging feedback and notifying stakeholders of the outcomes, Nintex Promapp® promotes positive change and keeps everyone in the loop.

2. Integrate information

Not every change happens at the single-process level. Sometimes teams are reassigned or rearranged, new roles are introduced, and responsibilities are shifted. Process documentation, from forms and procedure information to legislative requirements, needs to be updated and can have a far-reaching effect.

Using roles and responsibilities in Nintex Promapp® it’s easy to reassign duties and process oversight to different staff with just a few clicks. Key stakeholders are updated and their personalized dashboards will reflect their new process responsibilities instantly, ensuring there’s no breakdown through the transition.

Process RACI records update automatically, and notifications are routed to the new parties with ease.

The document library integrates the key information you need to support your processes too. When a document such as a form or guide us updated, it automatically updates every relevant process with the new version to ensure consistent and effective execution across the organization.

The version history and change log in both processes and the document library also track what updates have occurred for full transparency.

3. Simplify searches

New information isn’t helpful if it isn’t accessible.

Complex flowcharts buried in company servers or extensive procedure documents in folders that never get opened won’t bring about effective change. For teams to embrace process improvements, they need to be able to find them easily and understand them quickly.

Nintex Promapp® provides a user-friendly interface with personalized and targeted information readily accessible. From the ‘Processes I’m In’ list to the notification bubbles on the ‘My changes’ dashboard, information about ongoing improvements are presented at the level a user needs.

Finding and following business processes is just as easy, with an intelligent search function and clean, clear process maps that hold all the information in drill-down layers. Users can grasp the general flow of the entire process, or read detailed instruction, review attached videos or images, and follow linked process flows with just a few clicks.

Change management needn’t be a challenge for organizations that are willing to equip themselves for the task. The right business process management platform will encourage teams to engage with business transformation at any level.

By inviting collaboration, keeping people informed of the changes as they happen and ensuring the right information is readily available, businesses can make effective change keep moving from idea inception to implementation.


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